Photography as proof in Law

The photographic record is an indispensable test for all branches of law. It is the image of a moment embodied in a paper or recorded in a specific device. Its objective is to leave a record of the events that occurred, for later trial. This test is valued by the Judge and will serve to condemn or acquit the accused or accused of a criminal act. Photography is a necessary tool for the justice system in the world. The birmingham Photographer Company offers professional photography services in all areas of society.

Participation of photographers

The photographer is the first guest at the time of transfer of the competent agencies to perform the evaluation and investigation of a crime. The professional of photography is part of the multidisciplinary team that is responsible for the investigation, is responsible for making the photographic record and leave reflected to the smallest detail of the crime scene. This registry is the basis for evaluating a specific case.


· It is a test that remains in time.

· It allows applying the other investigation techniques, to arrive at the truth of the events that occurred.

· Memory of the events that occurred.

· Observation from different places in real time.

· It serves to condemn or acquit the accused or accused.


· It allows a real vision of the facts.

· It is easy to check its alteration.

· It allows applying justice correctly.

· It facilitates the investigation.

· Facilitate the application of justice.


Photography is a tool that is compulsory for use by research organizations in the world. It is the only way to show the judge the place and how the events occurred objectively, help him to make the correct analysis and make a fair decision. At birmingham Photographer we have the best team of photographers to meet your needs.